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We can safely clean almost all types of Exterior surfaces such as
• All types of Roofing surfaces for residential and Commercial Properties Such as Asphalt shingles,
Coated Metal, Standing Seam Metal Roofs, Clay Tile, Concrete Tiles and Slate Tile. We also clean
TPO Commercial roofing surfaces
• We can safely clean all types of siding or Façade surfaces such as Vinyl siding, Aluminum siding,
Painted Wood siding, Raw Wood siding, LP siding, Hardie Siding, Stucco, Dryvit, Stone, Brick &
Limestone sidings
• Flatwork surfaces such as concrete patios, paver patios, any hardscape designed walls or
outdoor stone features such as free-standing fire features or outdoor kitchenette.
• Wood and composite features such as decks with wood or composite surfaces, Pergolas, Fences
& gazebos.
• We also offer Gutter Cleaning services up to 4 stories in height and Exterior Window Cleaning up
to 4 stories as well. What sets us apart is that we can perform both services from the ground
while still providing outstanding results. Utilizing new technology helps us focus more on safety
and quality than ever before.

Soft Washing is the alternative to pressure washing! Without all of the blowing and blasting sometimes related to pressure washing, we use a low pressure, water base, biodegradable detergent-based cleaning process that kills mold, mildew, and fungi while at the same time loosening dust dirt and cobwebs on your Exterior Surfaces. We use 1/3 less water than pressure washing and the results last 3- 5 times longer. Soft Washing not only cleans the surface but sanitizes it at the same time, this is something pressure washing cannot achieve alone. Soft Washing is by far the superior choice in Exterior Cleaning Services.
Over time black unsightly staining starts to appear on roofing surfaces. This black staining occurs naturally. This staining is its own little ecosystem created by a bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma. This bacteria clings to the surface of the roof, growing and spreading due to wind and rainy environments. This bacterium forms a black shell to protect itself from the sun’s rays, as sun inhibits the growth and spread of this bacteria. This staining will spread to the entire surface infesting the roof and starting t on its path to premature deterioration. On asphalt shingles, this bacterium will consume the surface as these shingles are made with limestone fillers, which is food for this bacterium. Soft washing is the best alternative to kill this bacterium and prevent premature deterioration of this surface, giving you the full life span of the material used.
These 2 methods of cleaning are vastly different. In fact, only one of these services clean anything. Let us talk about pressure washing. This is the use of high-pressure water to blast away mold, mildew, fungi dust dirt and funk from exterior surfaces. Unfortunately, these organic growths have root systems that make there way into your exterior surfaces, causing damage over time. Pressure washing more accurately gives these organic growths a “hair cut” leaving the root system intact, hiding safely below the surface. This is what allows this organic material to grow back within 6 months or so, causing you to have to pressure wash once again. On the flip side, we have Soft Washing. This is a low-pressure detergent-based cleaning process that kills mold, mildew & fungi on the exterior surface. This is because our detergent will penetrate below the surface, killing the root systems. This is simply washed away with cold water, and viola you have a clean, sanitized surface that will last 3-5 times longer than pressure washing.
Each Soft Washing project is different and the time to complete a project is based on size, complexity of the structure, design of the structure, and the material the structure or surface is made from. This is why we complete an onsite estimate to ensure our service scope is correct for your individual situation.
Because our services are on the exterior of your property, there is no need for anyone to be home. During the estimate and project planning, our team will send out a “What to Expect” flyer on items the homeowner would need to complete to ensure a safe and successful project. This way everything is addressed prior to services.

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